Thursday, September 3, 2009

Midi Mapping Hercules RMX to Traktor DJ

[caption id="attachment_763" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="each number corresponds to the buttons midi value "]hercules-rmx-midi-mapping[/caption]

Before anything make sure you have your Hercules RMX plugged in and latest drivers installed.

Download the Traktor Midi Map of your choice below.

Now open up Traktor DJ and click on the sprocket icon for settings next to the magnifying glass


Then click import


Find the file you downloaded and click it then click open.


Now just click OK and your done.


Traktor DJ Midi tsi Settings for Hercules RMX

DJMoya Traktor DJ Pro/Duo midi custom configuration


Changed buttons 4 5 6 on RMX left deck to turn on FX1 buttons 1 2 and 3 by holding it down

Changed buttons 4 5 6 on RMX right deck to turn on FX2 buttons 1 2 and 3 by holding it down

Changed gain on RMX left and right to control the Filter for each deck A & B

Made Balance on RMX control the Effect amount on FX1 & FX2 for FX button 3

more changes to come....

If you have any suggestion leave a comment.

here's the official Midi settings

Traktor DJ Pro /Duo
Requires version 1.11

[Traktor Pro Download TSI ZIP]

Traktor DJ 3
Requires Traktor 3.4.1

[Traktor 3.4.1 Download TSI ZIP]

Traktor DJ 2
Requires Traktor 2.5.3

[Traktor 2.5.3 Download TSI ZIP]

Remember to extract the Zip to get the TSI file using winrar winzip or 7zip
7zip is for free here

If you would like to share your custom midi mapping for Hercules RMX leave a link to it in your comment


  1. where did it go, the TSI. this is what i've been looking for!

  2. me also.. please fix the link of the tsi!

  3. Sorry folks after updating my website the link went bad. It is now fixed :)

  4. Hi i want to test my hercules rmx with traktor dj. but who can explain me how i can get it?

    I just want to use the buttons live not with mouse or other.

    sorry my englisch is bad.
    i'm from germany

    where can i get the TSI file from you, can i modifier it?

    please mail to me :)

  5. Hi! i have a very big problem: i cant use the button for "Modifier" function in Toggle or Direct Mode...
    the modifier function work only in Hold mode... its amazing to use..
    i'v tryed with CUE button... Scratch button... work only in hold mode.

    Where is the mistake i'm doing?
    Do u can send me a tsi file with this setting that i can copy? thanks

  6. @paolo

    Here is a nice tutorial on how to set a toggle on a midi "Modifier"

    I'll create an updated tsi to download with the modifier as a toggle button later today. In-case some people find it a little confusing.

  7. I think I'm having the same problem as Paolo...the midi map is great but how can I get it to scratch without holding down the stop button

  8. @D
    Go into Preferences>controller manager>device>generic midi device> then find under assignment table Scratch On and on Interaction Mode set it to Toggle instead of Hold.

    Here is a screen shot

  9. thanks for the quick response, but I already tried that and its still the same...i need to change the settings so that I can spin the jog wheels and scroll through a song (or scratch) without stopping the song instead being able to heavily speed up or slow down the song (which its doing now)

  10. Thanks for this, just want to check, seems the mapping now only allows for the "balance" to control on effect.

  11. Ciekawy post, bede wpadal na twoja stronke czesciej zapewne

  12. Thank so much. You solved a huge problem for me.

    Its King David the 1st, In South Africa

  13. HI dude, can i post articles to your blog ? Let me know if you are interested

  14. Lad, how can I use the pre-listen function? I used your custom TSI (which is freaking WICKED)

    Let me know!



  15. Absolute champ Moya... Thanks for the time and effort

  16. hi,
    my hercules works all thanks to you ;D
    but i've got a problem.
    As from the moment i plug my hercules rmx in, (the same if it was already plugged in) does the sound starts to falter, it isn't 'clean annymore..
    why? and how can i fix it ?


  17. @steventeipels The sound starts to falter in what way? You may need a usb filter driver. Check out my post about it here

    Also check your you asio settings. Make sure the Latency isn't set to low.

  18. how do you activate the deack cue monitor on the traktor 3 with the hercules console i want to hear in my headphones the track that is going in

  19. The TSI is gone!? Please be so kind and fix it.

  20. ok i'll try the usb filter. thanks already
    sound : spellialy when i do a handling it crackles.

  21. hi,
    thanks to your blog i got my rmx working but
    now every second traktor stops playing ?
    what can i do about it ?

  22. It could be a few things try without running TouchOSC and see if it just stops there. If it still is check your audio settings make sure the latency isnt to low or high. If it does it only when you have TouchOSC open check your midi mapping settings for the play / pause or stop buttons.

  23. i try doing the way your showing here on your website but i guess since i have the Hercules DJ Control Steel.. try doing the way you show he but it seems i have no idea what am doing.i also downloaded something called MIDIMAPPER.. MAY YOU PLEASE HELP ME..ILL APPRICIATED

  24. this is a midi mapp for hercules rmx tracktor pro WINDOWS 7!!!!!! for djing with 4DECKS!!!!!!!! have fun!!!! ciao from italy over the top!

  25. Thanks im going to test it out tonight :)

  26. good lissen for change decks you have to turn the gain....and if you turn the balance you can use the fx...i try to put a video where i gonna show you all! if you find another way for swich from deck A to the C and to the B to the D let me know... ciao bro

  27. go on youtube and look my video is in italian but you can see something : write traktor pro hercules rmx a 4 decks by johnny calderini

  28. why the modifier botton like CUE can not be toggle in traktor pro(windows 7)??????? and in mac they can?????? the only solution for me is give to the modifier a fader and select hold in this way you don't need to keep the figer on the botton to let it work!!!!!!!! BUT I DON'T LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want a modifier botton toggle in my windows!!!! HELP!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!

  29. Sorry I dont see anyway around that problem yet but ill look into it some more.

  30. Hi, thanks for these djmoya, but is the problem with the jog wheel (i.e. not being able to scratch without using the stop button) un-fixeable?

  31. Hi, dude i am havin trouble with the jog wheels and i just want them 2 work decks like they do in virtual dj!! I.e when i pull back the deck the tune moves without it and i can quick scrath withpout the pushing of a button!!! U can do all of this in virtual dj that comes with the dj consel and even on traktor 3 so why not trakor pro?!?!?!

    Cheers Dapperchase

  32. With the SCRATCH button put this in the mapping "deck 1 vinyl_mode & deck 2 vinyl_mode" with out the quotes and for the jog wheels use "deck 1 jogwheel" for the left and "deck 2 jogwheel" for the right one :) now you can nudge the pitch then scratch when you press the scratch button and press it again to go back to nudge.

  33. also, the download for your own settings is not working for me :( i can't right click and save :S

  34. fixed the link

  35. Hey man sorry to pester lol but i was wondering if you could help me with my new problem, i can't get any sound to come out my headphones, the headphone buttons on traktor are switched on, the nob is turned to cue and the volume is up yet still nothing :S

  36. im having trouble getting the sound to come through the headphones and also the scratch and cue buttons arent working. everything else works perfectly, i read the other comments and tried to do what you said, but im not that familiar with the program. please help asap. and can i put a downloaded effect on the rmx bc i want to hook up a drop and reggae horn.

  37. Sorry havent had the time to check into this but for the Headphones problem in Hercules rmx audio settings make sure you are using the RMX as ASIO and in traktor dj preferences in audio routing double check the output monitor and output master settings are correct. What mapping files are you using by the way?

  38. Hi dj moya can you help me with settings for hercules rmx & traktor duo,everything works well but not sound coming throught my headphone,my iso settings are ok.

  39. You may want to check your Headphone Mix Volume maybe its turned down all the way?

  40. It seems that nothing has been mapped to the headphone mix volume,my volume on deck A & B are both on low it shows that there is sound but nothing on the cue mix monitor,nothing happens when i move it left or right to pre listen to either tracks Please help.

  41. hi dj moya,
    this is murat from Turkey. First of all you rocks and thx for tsi file. it's work great but i have a little problem. when i press button 6 (left and right deck) turn the ballance switch it's ok but when i press button 5 also swtich ballance switch effects doesn,2t work. its also same with button 4. and i cant use effect dry-wet switch.
    i'm already downloaded your tsi file and also you upload another file to megaupload.
    can you help me about it please.
    thx so much.

  42. how do i map out the cue stop and pause/play button on the hercules rmx so it corresponds to the traktor pro software?

  43. You are AWESOME! i have been looking for this exact help and no where has as much information as you have posted. i haven't gotten through all of it yet and might have a question but mostly just wanted to say THANK YOU!

  44. Thanks dj heshe glad you find the info i posted use full. Ive been using the RMX since it first came out and i know there is a lot of things to learn and problems to solve a long the way so when ever I do find something out I'll post it on my website.

  45. Hello,

    First of all thank you for the mapping!! :)

    Having downloaded the mapping for my Hercules RMX, i have come to a few minors..

    1. The gain buttons are now filter buttons; how can i transform them into gain buttons?
    2. I would like to stop a track when i touch the stop button in stead of pauzing it, which is the case right now.. How can i change that?

    Hope to hear from you,

    Thanks in advance!

  46. Thanks Marc, Ill fix the gain in the next update making the scratch button a modifier to change gain into a filter. Ill also correct the stop/pause issue :)
    Just been really busy with iphone game making and touchosc templates almost forgot about updating this :)

  47. Hey, i have a problem with the pitch/bpm.
    When I take on a song that is 128 bpm, it goes too fast, and if I take the pitch up (on about 115 bpm) it is the right tempo but the song is actually 128 bpm, this happens to all the songs. aka it shows wrong.

    Please help me.

  48. TSI is great but the scratch function...i mean haven to hold stop button? Im getn carpel tunnel Moya. Would be better if you could just scratch by grabbn a jog wheel only. Im not that proficiant at mapping. Hoof me up and check my Dubstep too. Thanks m8.

  49. im on a mac. so that probably screws everything up to start with but when i get the zip it comes out with a .tks not a .tsi? any idea how to fix this or is it normal because im use a mac? thanks anyways ill try it and see how it works.

  50. Hi, I'm on a Mac and have tried downloading but when it comes to selecting the category to import it only offers me GUI layout, Effect Settings and All other preferences and settings? I cannot select MIDI mapping? I'm sure I am doing something stupidly wrong as i'm very new to this but would really appreciate your help to get me up and running ... thanks very much!

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  52. Hi Moya, I really apreciate your suport with Hercules RMX mapping set up. I have done a few changes... I'm using the oposite side to control the effects (Hi, Mid, Low) and change the seek up and down for cue in and out and I ad to the jog well a seak track. If you will like to have these changes I'll be more than glad to sheared with you.

    P.S. I use the kill botton for effect search